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90950-Do-What-You-LoveI know what what your thinking…

Why is, “doing what you love” the worst advice for creating a business…

Especially when we’re told by our peers that if we do what we love success will find it’s way.

I’m sure you’ve heard this advice more than once in your life.

Well there’s a serious problem with it…

And most people are oblivious to it. It just flies right over their head and more often then not, it’s the reason why their future business idea flops or why they end up struggling. You don’t want this to happen to you…

And in order to do so we need stop telling people. “do what you love“. Instead we need to tell people this… [click to continue…]


10254007_233378086853886_8200582536118450621_n Conformity can be your worst enemy.

Now this post might be painful for some people but it’s the truth.

If you do what the crowd does.. you’ll get what the crowd gets.

It’s that simple.

Everyday, people get up in the morning, they go to work like everyone else, and they do things like everyone else.

Fast forward 10/20 years and they’ll wonder why they didn’t hit their goals in life or why they’re not living their ideal lifestyle.

And maybe you’re on this road right now and you’re not aware of it. So I guess the real question is, “how can you tell”? Here’s how.  [click to continue…]


Does the law of attraction work? does the law of attraction work

Or is it just bull shit?

I can see both side’s of the argument… but at the same time I really don’t.

Because like anything, the biggest issue I see is people don’t take the time to understand or practise the principles of the law of attraction…

… they expect and want a magic pill.

And what happens is… those people believe that they can sit on their couch all day and make their dreams come true. But in reality, that’s a pile of bullshit because if you practise the law of attraction… then you know there’s a lot more to it then just that :)

So, does the law of attraction work? How do you use it? Let’s dive into it.  [click to continue…]



It doesn’t even make sense with how beautiful the sunsets are here in beautiful Costa Rica. I actually feel like I’m in Jurassic Park right now and a T-REX is going to come out and attack me while I’m on the toilette.

But for real, it’s actually crazy because when I first got into the industry of creating an income online people around me didn’t understand why. They didn’t understand why I would literally drop everything to learn it.

And tonight after seeing a sunset like this… it just inspired me up to write this post because I’ve literally never seen anything so beautiful in my life… I didn’t know this could exist and the crazy thing is these photos show no justice.
[click to continue…]


entrepreneurship-300x187Looking back… If I can share any tips that helped me become an entrepreneur in the online space…

… I would say that they’re were some very specific things I did in order to get success.

What did I do exactly? Well what I didn’t do was…

… I didn’t use my education because I didn’t have any. I didn’t use my marketing or business experience when starting out because again… I didn’t have any experience.

So how did I get success?

[click to continue…]


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