Struggling with finding success? Here’s how having a daily routine can help YOU get it! Plus I share my routine… (plus bonus video)

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daily routine

Being successful isn’t about getting lucky.  

Maybe a small percentage is, but the reality is… 

… most of being successful is just taking action and being consistent. 

The more you study success you’ll learn that there’s actually little luck involved.

And by taking action, being consistent and having a daily routine… you can break down success to a science.   

In this blog post I’m going to share my daily routine with you and talk about success. 

Success & Daily Routine….

Let’s start with success…

Anyone can obtain success… it’s within anyone’s reach.

If you don’t think so… just look at one thing you’ve been successful at in the past?

Was it a sport? a musical instrument? a video game? What was it? Now ask yourself, “why you were good at it?”

It’s probably because you were consistent with learning that skill and you took massive amounts of action. 

So when you’re learning a new skill and you suck at it… just remember it’s like anything else.. it can just take time. 

Just stay consistent with it and take massive amounts of action on it.

When I first got into creating an income online, I had no idea what I was doing.

Most of the time when I was blogging, creating ads, etc, I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere… 

… but I knew by staying consistent and making sure I take action that eventually overtime things would start working out.  

And that’s exactly what happened.  By sticking to my regiment,  things started to make sense and before I knew it I was earning my first dollar online. 

The reason why I was successful in this area wasn’t because of luck. It wasn’t because I was in the “right place at the right time”.

It was because I had a deep understanding of success. I knew by taking action, staying consistent I would eventually be successful.

But here’s the deal…. this is only true as long as you don’t give up.  


I’m not going to go much further on success because this topic alone can be an entire blog post in itself.  So I’ll make sure my next blog post I talk strictly about success. 

But there’s an important factor I want you to understand on why you must must take action. When you don’t take action, failure will always be the default.  

I’ll say it again,

“Failure is the default when you don’t take action.”

daily routine

If you’re not taking action because you don’t know where to start… well then start anywhere. It’s better then not starting at all. 

Let’s bounce into the next topic of having a daily routine.

The reason why I like having a daily routine is because it allows me to focus on what I want and not what I don’t want.

It also helps me push through when I hit brick wall after brick wall.  Having a daily routine is by far the most important part of my day.  

With that being said, I shot a video covering my morning routine, check it out, you’ll see the value of having a morning routine. 

Cool video right?

With this video I shot… I hope you got to see some value with having a morning routine. If you do… then definitely try it out.  You’ll see how effective it is in no time.

Recap on Lesson

Having success is about focusing on what you want and not what you don’t want.

Always take massive action even if you’re not to sure where to start. Starting anywhere is better then not starting at all.  

Remember that, “Failure is always the default when you don’t take action.”

Always be consistent, surround yourself with other successful people.  Other people you can mastermind with, do whatever it takes.  

If you had success in other parts of your life, ask yourself why were you successful in those parts?  If you were successful there, then you can be successful anywhere. 

Start writing out your vision and everything you’re grateful for.  Saturate yourself with good information. Just think of how good you feel after you read a good book or after doing a work out?

Celebrate the small victories and remember that progress is progress. Progress equals happiness, growing equals happiness.


I want to know if you found this blog post helpful? Are you going to start a morning routine and if so… what are you going to incorporate into it?

Also… if you have any specific routines you do yourself, share it… I’m always open to hear what works for other people.

Other then that, if you have a friend that’s been a little negative or struggling with learning a new skill…

Show them this blog post, help them and me out.


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  • Priscila

    I read the quote yesterday, “if you have the power to make someone happy then do it.” And I figured, well, I got atleast one thing out of this post that was encouraging, so I should tell him! “Failure is the default when you don’t take action.” – This is a resounding theme of my week, and you’ve further solified it. So thank you!

    • Joe Seeber

      When I first heard that quote… it hit me pretty hard as well. It definitely lights a fire under me…

      Glad, you enjoyed the post.. thanks for the comment.

  • rae myst

    Couldn’t agree with you more on this post. Consistency can be a big problem for some. I decided to start my blog because I have something to say but consistency can be a problem for me and I think deep down it might have to do with fear. I might think I am doing a good job but when I don’t get the feedback I want I freak out and back off. My other fear is being so public with my thoughts but I finally decided “what the hell”! Any advice for a newbie such as myself?

    • Joe Seeber

      Hey, I’m just trying to think back to the days of when I first started blogging.

      I was pretty clueless when I first started blogging. I would just post cool stuff that I was doing in my life then sharing it with all my friends on Facebook. It actually did decently well, considering I had zero idea what I was doing.

      As far as being so open with your thoughts… well here is one tip. When you try to speak to everybody you’re actually speaking to no one. Speak your mind, if you’re into something… then their is a good chance that someone else will be into it as well.

      There’s probably people I know in real life who think I’m nuts… or my ideas are a little crazy. That’s normal, I honestly don’t care what people think because people don’t think. Life’s too short… if you have something that you think will offer value… then share it.

      For blogging advice, dive into this page…

      Every tip on this page is what I’m doing on my website. If you apply all these tips on your website you’ll see some big changes. Feel free to join my Facebook community, you can message me in there if you have any questions.

      Thanks for the comment, best of luck with your site and such.

  • Allen

    Cool video bro.

  • CranioLaura

    Thank for this post. I really needed to hear it. I look forward to reading more of your articles.

    • Joe Seeber

      Glad you enjoyed the post… I put lots of effort into these. I spend many hours writing these posts, sometimes 8 -12 hours. So leaving a comment to let me know means the world!

  • dawnandbaskin

    I just started it the other day, and like Rae Myst said I’m a newbie to this. I’ll go checkout the link you gave to your site too. I don’t really know yet what I really have to offer, so for now, I’ll just go with posting about what’s going on in my life and whatever else I find that inspires me. I’ve been told through out my life that I inspire others, because I’m blind and have never let it stop me from doing much, so I figured maybe there are other people who might read my blog and feel the same. *shrugsmile* So I’m just being me. But tips can’t hurt and I’ll take all the suggestions offered.

    This post is very true and something that I have to keep in mind.

    • Joe Seeber

      Hey, yeah definitely check out my tips, they actually work… because I’m currently doing them myself and I’m getting results.

      Yeah posting stuff that’s going on in your life works. You have an inspirational story so people will enjoy it. Back in the day I would just post anything interesting that was going on in my life and I got lots of good feed back.

      I always say, just post stuff you would want to read yourself. Anyway questions shoot me a message, if I can help i’ll help.

  • Yeop Azman

    I saw that you followed one of my blogs and I hope you read through all the crap it takes to be a foreign citizen in a transitional EU country. I am still taking small steps forward in changing regulations and laws in this country, but am running out of steam and discipline. Although I have been trained in Croatia as a doctor, the difficulty in the bureaucratic bull crap that I have to go through to get anything done is impossible. I recently lost a job because Fedex lost my passport, delaying me from getting a stay permit. Now I’m back to step one (for the fourth time this year). Any advice?

  • namesake

    This post is really something to look forward to, and this quote “Failure is the default when you don’t take action.” sparks something inside. feels motivated thanks

  • John

    “Failure is always the default when you don’t take action.”
    That is awesome!

  • sue

    Great Video Joe!

  • Tiffany O'Neill

    Hey Joe,
    Great motivational post. I needed to hear that, with my photography blog, it can get challenging to stay creative.

  • Chaz humphrie

    Nice joe, I think it important to keep your vision clear and in the forefront of your mind.

  • Phil_ForSinglesandCouples

    Great post Joe,
    I’ve already put a new plan into action but need to establish the 30-day routine to enable it to become a good habit.
    Thanks for the confirmation and additional motivation.
    Have a good weekend. :)

  • ken gwira

    Awesome! Just when I needed the guideline.

  • drhype773

    You must always be taking action, agreed, and the manifestation of the things you desire through something as simple as visualization is another proven tactic. I was always told, just make sure to work, and things will work out. Great post.

  • Mrsbway

    This is exactly what I needed. This has given me so much motivation.  “Failure is always the default when you don’t take action.” Such a simple statement yet so profound. Thanks!

  • thedailykatnip

    Over the next few weeks I plan to share this quote vigorously. I found this helpful, inspiring and factual. The small victories count the most in my life and have also pushed me further with many goals I have attempted to accomplish. All my progress is accounted for because I never leave any forgotten. I try to remember to grow each day of my life. Your quote reminds me to do that. So, I plan to share it amongst my peers.

    “Celebrate the small victories and remember that progress is progress. Progress equals happiness, growing equals happiness.”

  • Terre Pruitt

    I love all the lights hanging in your video. That would make ME happy upon waking!

  • William

    Thank you, really enjoyed that! Consistency is the key to success…Giving up all too often seems to be the default action !

  • Miranda

    One of my biggest pet peeves is when people tell me how lucky I am because I’m successful. I’m happy to see that one person besides myself believes that success is NOT the product of mere luck!

  • jpkenna

    Your “Failure is the…default” quote brought me back to a lesson learned in the early 1970s, commercial salmon trolling in Southeast Alaska:
    If you don’t have your gear in the water, you’re not going to catch anything.

  • Caroline Cunningham

    Thanks again..yes I agree Starting somewhere is better than not starting at all..when you are not sure where to start that is…I have done this on ocassion..for example when I decided to come out of my shell as an artist and dive into the world of live artistic people…I had spent a long time thinking about it telling myself I knew very little and would feel out of place with these real artists…then I is passing me by..I arrived with the kitchen sink to take part in a Plein Air festival…I had never painted from life before and especially in public on the streets with at least 100 other artists from all over the world. I gained a lot of encouragement from the other artists, some gave me tips, the public were my biggest fans especially teenagers, and I found new friends. It was a great lesson in giving things a go.


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