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how to get more traffic

What’s on every bloggers mind? To me it’s pretty obvious…

but it’s, how to get more traffic to your blog.”

It’s a common issue that I see because I don’t know one person who’s happy with the amount of views their currently getting.

It’s because we all want more.

I would even bet you’re wanting to get more blog traffic because you know as I know… that more traffic means more people will see your blog…

And the more people who see your blog means the more social interaction, more shares, more likes your blog will receive.

Today I’m going to share with you a simple formula that I’ve been using to generate traffic to my blog.  It’s a free formula that anyone can use and it will help you generate more traffic to your blog.

So… How to get more traffic to your blog

Well first, they’re many ways generate traffic to your blog.

You can use social media, social networks, guest blogging, ads, etc, and I suggest you learn these ways because…

If you’re depending on one way to generate traffic to your blog and something happens to that traffic source… then you can loose all your blogs momentum.

I’ve personally seen this happen to people I know.

So practice what I teach… but make a conscious effort to learn the other methods as well.

So what am I going to teach you today?

I’m going to teach you a little something called, “SEO” search engine optimization.

It’s basically when you structure a blog post around a particular keyword to generate organic traffic to your blog from search engines.

Now.. this might sound a little intense but don’t worry, I have your back.

I shot a 3 part series where I cover pretty much everything you need to know about SEO. If you want to learn how to get more traffic to your blog then this is it.

How to get more traffic to your blog :

Just a warning… these videos might be a little long… but I wanted to make sure I covered everything. I suggest you start with the first video to have a clear understanding of what SEO is and how you can start applying it.

With video 2/3 you’ll probably have to watch it twice to get a better understanding.

The video series might start off a little slow… but don’t worry you’ll get lots of good content. :D

Video 1 – SEO Theory – What is SEO, why you should use SEO, what are keywords, what is keyword research.

Video 2 –  keyword Research – How to rank on Google, how to rank for keywords, what keywords to go for.

Video 3 – Blog Post Structure –  How to structure a blog post around your keyword.

Recap on lessons :

– 3 Months of consistent blogging… about 90 blog posts to get authority on Google.

– Take the long term approach when ranking on search engines.

– It could take a couple weeks for you to start seeing traffic.

– Every blog post you should be trying to rank for a specific keyword.

– Check your websites analytic’s to see what people are typing in search to land on your website.

– Since your blogging anyway you might as well take the time to do keyword research


If you know anyone who wants more traffic to their blog… then show them this blog post.

Help them and me out.

Also, let me know what you think of the training videos, are you going to start incorporating these tips, did they help out? Let me know!

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The goal is to make you become a better blogger :) Thanks for reading.

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  • MissLilly

    Really interesting, really need to try that :)

  • Mar

    Thanks for sharing! I am very new in blogging. I’m just wondering, if we have many followers to our blog, how will it benefit us? Unless we promote our products on our blog, what other ways we can generate income through our blogs? Thanks!

    • Joe Seeber

      Hey Mar, it’s a good question.

      Having followers to a blog is the most important thing because it will inform the viewer when you update your blog with a post or any content. It’s the best way to build an audience and helps you get repeat traffic.

      One of the ways, I am able to get lots of repeat traffic, or comments, etc is when I do a new blog post I just mail out to my list of followers telling them, “HEY! I got some new content you will enjoy”.

      From there, the viewer will be notified to check out my blog. If I don’t give them a notification that I have new content, how will they know when to check? Every popular blog does this…. it’s key for success.

  • Ruthy

    Thanks for sharing all of this information, I’m definitely going to watch these videos, I want more followers, views, and of course friends :)

    – Puertorican Doll

    • Joe Seeber

      Awesome stuff, let me know what you think of the videos. It took me a while to put together. Thanks for the comment. :D

  • Carissa

    Hello Joe,
    Your articles and videos are so interesting, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, i really felt amazed by all these things i never took in consideration. My “adventure” in blogging started a week ago and till now it was wonderful! Every single comment or like was like a gift to me :-) and i like to consider every follower i have like a friend of mine.
    Thank you for visiting my blog, i really appreciate your decision to follow my posts !
    Blessing and inspiration in everything you do!


    hey, Joe, you have posted good information, i think everyone will be benefited from you info, if a person is just starting blogging or experienced blogger. Well keep it up, i like your blog. Looking for some good posts.
    Good luck!

    • Joe Seeber

      Hey, glad you enjoyed the content.

      It’s hard to find good content on this because most people don’t know what their talking about… or you have to pay lots of money. I just wanted to cover the basics so that any blogger can have a clear understanding of how to do keyword research and how to structure a blog post around that keyword.

  • fitchickyoga

    Great info!! When it’s not 3 a.m. I’ll be definitely doing my homework and watching your first video to start. Now time to get my beauty sleep!

    • Joe Seeber

      Awesome, let me know how it goes, any questions don’t be afraid to ask.

  • Nigel Weathers

    Great advice here. I’ve just started my website and am finding getting traffic is no easy task. Social sharing of my blog posts has produced the best results, so I’m going to double down on that.

    • Joe Seeber

      Thanks, yeah having a blog can take a while to build momentum… but once you have momentum it gets easier and easier. I suggest all bloggers to learn as many methods as possible for generating traffic.

      Smart idea with doubling down…

  • santhivon

    Very useful information. Thank you!

  • Heather

    Thanks for the info! Watched the first video so far–need to watch the next 2. I just started my blog about a week and a half ago, and I feel like it’s getting a really good response and following. Hopefully I can make it very successful with your tips!

  • FitChickYoga

    Hey Joe! I do have a question now that I got my beauty sleep. It’s related to more traffic but it’s about setting Reader to NOT show my full blog posts there for people who are following my blog via Reader. I want them to get on my site to read my full blog post and not be able to read it fully through Reader. I’ve seen some bloggers have done this so it redirects you to their website to read their full post. I would love to know how to set that up for my blog??? I’m stumped. I can’t find where I can enable that setting. Can you help me on this oh wise and knowledgable one? Thanks so much for your help and for sharing such great information!

  • rajiv

    Hi joe!
    Its a very awesome post and I think this will very helpful for new blogger like me.
    Actually I want to ask you that how much view is satisfied for a blogger who started his/her blog before a week or two??

  • runboyrunprod

    Watching the videos now

  • annietheannie

    This is a really great post.. keep it up…

  • Donna L. Crowe

    Now that I’ve loooked at Joe’s site, I’m going to get a cup of coffee!

  • lainvernada

    Smart guy

  • lexymonroy

    I really like how informative this is,about to watch the videos..thanks!!

  • Bushra

    Thanks for the videos, great tips, I’m definitely going to start implying them in my blogging. Thank you again for sharing!

  • Hale

    Oh wow, these are gold! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. You’ve been so extremely helpful.

  • Kahei

    Hey Joe,

    Thank you for the info and tips, I just started blogging a week ago and I didn’t even heard of the SEO before. Also thanks for following my blog, it meant a lot to me as a novice blogger. Look forward for more info for this.

  • AgainstThePull

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for following my blog! I’ll definitely be checking out your videos, since I don’t think there’s such a thing as too much traffic. The one thing I’m having a hard time getting, though, is comments. And tips for how to get more of those?

  • sabretoothedchickenstour

    This is well written but you have to ask yourselves – Do we all really want more? What for?

  • Gita P.S.

    Very helpful videos and article. Thanks for being descriptive yet simple :). I am definitely going to try those plans and follow your blog.

  • Casey

    Great information, I will definitely be putting these tips from your videos to work.
    Thanks for sharing!


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