Is the law of attraction real? Can you really manifest your own reality? Get the answers here…

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Is the law of attraction real? is the law of attraction real

How does it work… What’s the theory behind it? Is there any scientific proof?

First before I dive into this content. I just want to make one thing clear…

… If you’re trying to get success in your life, hit your goals, be more happy, etc, and you haven’t looked into the law of attraction yet. Then you’re basically shooting yourself in the foot.

I understand that this is a very controversial topic because a fair amount of information is just theory… but there’s also a fair amount of information that’s backed up by science.

Plus if you take in consideration that the most wealthiest, most successful people throughout the ages practiced and used the law of attraction daily. People like, Henry Ford, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill and people today like Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, etc.

I’ve started studying and applying the law of attraction into my daily life over the last couple of years and the results have been amazing. 

 So, is the law of attraction real?

If you’re an absolute beginner and you’ve never heard of the Law of Attraction or you haven’t looked into it…  Then I suggest that you dive into the video below.

The reason why is because having a basic understanding of quantum physics, that everyone and everything on planet earth is energy and has a unique vibrational frequency will help you understand what I’m talking about.

If that confused you, then I highly recommend that you check out the video below because it will give you an idea of how atoms work.  

If you don’t watch that video…  then I guess you’ll have to take my word for it.

So how is the law of attraction real?


Thomas Edison, the guy who invented the light bulb, who holds more patents than anyone in history is a genius.  Albert Einstein who created e=mc2… theory of relativity, sometimes remembered as the smartest man who ever lived.

Both of these people said the same thing. They scientifically proved at the turn of the century that the brain is a transmitter and a receiver of vibrational frequency…

… they also believed that every cell is the human body emits a different frequency.

Science has proved that everything on planet earth like rocks, cars, wood, T.V’s, etc, is made out of the same thing, “energy” … and everything on planet earth emits a different frequency.

A frequency is also called a vibration… also called energy, it’s quantifiable and it’s measurable. Your DNA at the lowest level emits a unique frequency, every atom emits a frequency… energy and frequency are the same.

A frequency is what radio waves are… frequencies pass through all known matter.

For example, if you’re in a house and you get an old transistor radio with an antenna and you turn it on, music magically appears from your transistor radio.

The antenna in your house picked up radio frequencies that are broadcasted from either a satellite or a transmitter someplace. That transmitter puts out a frequency which is instantly picked up by your transistor, it bypasses space and time.

That frequency from the radio transmitter goes across the ETHER, and it passes through steel, brick, mortar, wall, glass, wood… it passes right through it.

Scientists today can’t explain how radio frequencies pass through solid steel, glass, brick, mortar or stone… but they know it does.

The answer though is because the radio frequency is at a quantum physics level smaller then an atom, smaller then an electron, it’s smaller then the smallest known particle on planet earth… it’s a frequency.

Frequencies and vibrations exists, they’re real… they’re scientifically proven.

The human brain according to Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein, is both a transmitter and a receiver of frequency.

They said that the human brains emits frequencies which when focused are picked up by other brains and passed through the ether to effect other physical matter.

However, your brain has a special unique ability that a radio transmitter doesn’t do.

The unique ability that your transmitter/brain can do that a radio transmitter can’t do is…

… radio frequencies goes in a straight line, which is why if your broadcasting from a satellite you need other satellites to bounce the signal off each other to get to the other part of the globe.

Your brain’s frequency has the ability to bypass space and time and when you emit a frequency right now it’s instantaneously picked up by matter or another human brain anywhere on the planet at the same instantaneous moment with the same amount of energy.

Now this might be a hard pill for you to swallow because it sounds a little intense.

But if you watch the video up above…

… It explains how electrons exists as a wave and a particle simultaneously until they are observed… they merely represent the potential of being either one.

The deeper you dive into this content you start to understand how strange and crazy the universe is. Just the fact how everything on planet earth is made out of atoms, including you and I…

… and how atoms can be in two places at once, can disappear and reappear into existence and how 90% of an atom is just empty space. That means the chair you’re sitting on right now is 90% empty…  

It can be mind boggling… that’s for sure. 

Just understand that your thoughts are just as real as anything else.

Just because we can’t weigh our thoughts, put it in a box, hit it with a hammer to make a noise, doesn’t mean their not real. 

Your imagination is a crazy thing with all these neurons and cells firing.  Somehow through these ideas they can manifest themselves as situations that occur, solid objects, opportunities that arise, etc.

Like the person who figured out the wheel, or the person who create the first computer.

So essentially you’re re programming your mindset, your thought process and learning how to use the law of attraction to attract things and situation into your life.

So is the law of attraction real?

I 100% believe the law of attraction is real… with the situations, circumstances, and thing’s I’ve attracted into my using the law of attraction have been crazy. I even have a blog post on with my law of attraction proof

If you want to start using the law of attraction in your life then highly recommend you watch the movie below called, “The Secret”. It covers everything you need to know about attracting things into your life… 

Anyway, I hope this blog post gave you a better understanding and helps point you in the right direction with learning and applying the law of attraction into your life.

Let me know what you think.

Do you believe in the law of attraction?  Do you apply it… and if so, has it made your life better?

Any crazy stories?  Please share, I want to hear.

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p.s if you enjoyed this article check out my law of attraction vision board post… it covers the benefits of having a vision board when accomplishing goals.

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  • shannon

    This blog post showed up on my phone within hours of me buying the movie ” the secret”. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something. :)

  • Ray's Mom

    A very inspiring message.

  • acharif

    Wonderful post, the law of attraction works for everyone, every single day… how it works, and why is so irrelevant once you allow yourself to embrace your own thoughts and desires…

    thanks for sharing!

    • Joe Seeber

      Yeah, I hear you. I’m fascinated with quantum physics and the universe… so I’m just naturally interested with how stuff works. Some people can’t believe stuff off blind faith… so I just wanted to write something to shift their perspective on things.

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

  • oreoanonymous

    This one confused me more than helped me understand. It inspired more questions than answers as to ‘law of attraction’. And as to what you meant. This is what you wanted?

    • Joe Seeber

      Yeah when you get into quantum mechanics, law of attraction, etc… it can get confusing… but if you watch the movie below, “The Secret” it should make a lot more sense. It should answer a lot of your questions.

      I didn’t want to go into applying the law of attraction into your everyday life because there are so many good resources that can explain it way better then me. Check out the movie, “The Secret” it will clear things up.

      Hopefully this helps you.

  • Gina Kane

    Great post. I have been studding the law of attraction for a few months. I have been able to see that I have attracted a lot of things I don’t want into my life. Now I am looking forward to using my knowledge of it, to attract things into my life I do want.

    • Joe Seeber

      Hey Gina, Yeah I hear you, when I first started I had to quit a lot of bad habits. I would think negatively, I would assume the worst… I was my own worst enemy. Once you continue to peal off the layers of beliefs that don’t serve you… you’ll start to see the magic. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  • Nihal Mubarak

    I recently took a serious interest on this topic concerning our ability to manifest our own realities. I read Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and I must say that his ideas are magnetic. I have no qualms about saying that I think it’s entirely possible for us to control our subconscious minds in such a way so as to manipulate ourselves, so to speak. Good to know that someone else is looking into this! Haven’t read or watched The Secret but it’s definitely on my list :)

    • Joe Seeber

      Hey Niihal, I’ve read that book as well a couple times. They’re many good books on that topic and the more you read.. the more you learn… the more it makes more sense.

      The more you learn and apply.. you’ll start getting experiences and situations that you’ve attracted into your life. Glad you got into it… create a vision board, that has done wonders for me. Here is my post on it —->

      Thanks for the comment.

  • Poornima

    I just bought the book “The Secret” last night. I personally feel like the concept of “Laws of Attraction” isn’t narrowed down enough. There are certain things a person just cannot have no matter how hard they want it or think about it. No law of attraction can get it for them.

    Nevertheless, an inspiring post. I can’t wait to get home and read the book.

    • Joe Seeber

      It depends, the situation, the circumstances, etc, of course… but that doesn’t mean the law of attraction doesn’t work. It’s a law like gravity, it works whether you believe it or not.

      The Law of Attraction is narrowed down… you just have to read up and study it. You won’t get everything from the movie, “The Secret” it’s just a beginners guide…. basically explaining what it is.

      It get’s way deeper. You’re thoughts are everything, the way you think has a huge impact on your life. What you do today will effect your tomorrow.

      I can tell with the way you worded, “There are certain things a person just cannot have no matter how hard they want it or think about it. No law of attraction can get it for them.”

      If you think how hard you want something… every thought you put out will be coming from the frame of how hard something will be… therefore you will only be attracting how hard it is. Plus it isn’t just sitting down and thinking about what you want… There is a lot more then that.

      There are different stages and things you must understand when applying the law of attraction. I suggest you read more books on it.

      Thanks for sharing your input.

  • Michelle

    Yes I believe. It’s so easy to just let life pass me by, it’s time to manifest a different future for myself. I recognize that I need to re-ignite. Thanks for your energy.

    • Joe Seeber

      Hey Michelle, you’re right, most people just let their life’s pass by. Glad your taking action. Make moves!

  • Kristina

    This post really made me think about all the relationships I have – thanks for all time you put into this

  • arun

    Well you might be interested in my small write called The Keen Listener.

  • kateland1987

    I am very excited to watch these videos tonight… For some reason I have always had a natural understanding of this and when I’ve read about them throughout my life it always just made complete sense. I appreciate your breakdown of trying to make it simple for people. Interestingly though, it is such a simple concept really. What you send out tends to come back to you. It’s fabulous. Thank you.

    • Joe Seeber

      Awesome, yeah it’s fascinating stuff. In the movie it will give you a basic understanding on how to point your compus in the right direction to hit your goals.

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

  • Kavita

    Absolutely love your article and the research done with it. I am a big believer in it although I sometime tend to fail to practice it I must admit…but thanks for sharing it as I do think that what you imagine is what you become one day :)

    • Joe Seeber

      Glad you enjoyed the article. Practicing the law of attraction shouldn’t be a chore, it shouldn’t feel like work. It should be a natural feeling… Most people have a negative mindset or they get in their own way.

      The more you read up on this and you hear how many successful people use the law of attraction in their everyday life it’s crazy.

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

  • Greenmackenzie

    Lovely post, but unfortunately the second video…the secret…just shows a dark screen which says…this video is unavailable in your country. I live in the UK….so apparently the law of attraction doesn’t work here!

  • jennisnails

    Very interesting! I’ve heard of this but never read anything on it. Hmm

  • Sharon Ballantine, Life Coach

    Great article–and comments, too! Yes, the Law of Attraction is definitely real and really works: I apply it every day in my own life and teach others tools so they can as well.

    Your resources are wonderful and are a good place for beginners to start to understand the Law of Attraction.

    Building on your radio example, we all have had the experience of hearing static until we get the station dialed in correctly. Our “job” is to eliminate the static, whether that is by adjusting the radio dial or by adjusting our personal wavelength/vibration and mindset.

    • Joe Seeber

      Hey Sharon, thanks for the comment.
      It means a lot… especially coming from your website. You have some great quality content on your website.

      I only focus on the basics just to introduce people to the law of attraction… then from there I direct them to sources that helped me out.

      The way the world works is fascinating. If I wasn’t an entrepreneur I could definitely see myself as a scientist learning and doing experiments dealing with quantum mechanics.

      When you start diving into it, you realize how crazy the world is. The more you dive into quantum mechanics you realize how real the law of attraction is.

      Anyways, thanks for the comment. I’m definitely going to be diving more and more into your content.

  • Nnenna

    I’ve found something to spend my Sunday on. I’m going to watch the movie and clip because I believe what you are saying and yet have never heard of it. I really do believe that we attract what we display and in really simple terms we have to be what we want to receive. Some people describe me as lucky, I don’t think I’m lucky I think I work on being wholesome and good and wholesome good things come to me. I try to explain this but it gets lost as some kind of mumbo jumbo or another take on karma.

    I’m blogging about finding Mr Perfect and I think in one of my earliest posts I considered what Mr Perfect is doing right now and what I would like him to be doing and I resolved that if I want him to be doing something dynamic, physically or mentally challenging I should be doing that too, in my little part of the world I should be doing what I want him to be doing in his and by doing so our chances of being drawn together and recognising each other when we get there are greater.

    I’m glad I’m kind of on the way to at least a primitive understanding of what you are saying and hope to find out much more and refine my technique. Thank you for sharing.

    • Joe Seeber

      Awesome stuff, yeah the deeper you dive into this content the more you’ll realize how many things and situations you have attracted into your life… you just didn’t know it.

      The movie is just a beginners guide, If you enjoy the movie, I suggest you get the book, “Happy Pocket Full of Money” by David Cameron Gikandi.

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

  • Jarosław

    Awesome post, real eye opener.

  • Nick

    Joe this is great stuff. The idea of manifesting your ideas into a reality is soo real & true and is amazing how it works. Once you know where you are going and it already feels like you’ve already obtained it….you sometimes can see the world changing in front of your eyes. I believe the positive feelings and visions in your mind effect the world. You can see it happening on my blog as well….

  • Jen

    Well…It attracted me to YOU!!! Hahaha.

  • positivagirl

    Great post. Absolutely it’s true and real. I cosmically ordered a house that was beyond what I could have wanted.

    I started a blog said I want a million hits by a year. I acheived that too. Write down what you want. Focus. I probably have some stories true ones well I do. On my earthangels diary blog (not the one with million hits.

    The mind is powerful you are literally what you think and life well it’s all about perception

    I wrote about this movie. Said perhaps I should see it as a few people said it described my attitude to life. When I did a reader gave me a link to the film….

    So many things. I needed help in my old house and asked for it within a week a plumber plasterer and electrician came into my life to help all on the same day.

    Go careful with your thoughts
    Your thoughts become your words
    Your words become your actions
    Your actions become your karma
    Your karma is your destiny.

  • Ross

    Eѵerything is verү oρen witҺ a гeally clear explanation οf thhe issues.
    Іt wɑs definitelʏ informative. Ƴour website
    іs very usefսl. Ƭhanks for sharing!

  • aimebyaime

    I completely agree with the Laws of Attraction! Great article and blog; very inspiring and thought-provoking.

    • signupfordeath


      Great post. I’ve been depressed for 10 years and it got really bad about 4 years ago. I had hitted rock bottom (or so I thought I had, later I discovered it can be worse) but a few months after hitting rock button I discovered this book called the power, which turned my life around. I got everything I hade ever wished for, even the guy I had been lustin for for years. Everything fell into place, until my cousin started bad mouthing the book about how she became more depressed by it. Anyway. Then a year and a half went by, I was still deeply depressed but had started school again. I bought the magic, which I think is the greatest of them all, and started doing these little changes to my everyday life. People who hated me, became my best friends, I connected with my best friend on a deeper levels and I also fell in love with a guy who was taken. But then I stopped doing it and fell into am even deeper depression. So I know it works, just that you have to commit and have the willpower to really achieve great things.

      Right now I’m in the worst place of my life and am on the edge of exiting this world.

      But I will always remember the good times, it’s just too bad my brain is killing me. Geniuses always end up taking their lives.

  • Jessica

    YES! I love this.

    I 100% believe in it and use it!
    Most recently I was thinking I wanted this shirt. I have thought it several times in the past two weeks.

    My sister JUST sent me a text telling me she bought a shirt for me out of the blue and the picture is the shirt I wanted. I never once mentioned to her that I wanted this shirt! Too cool.


  • LaRie

    Yes, believe in the law of attraction and yes, it works. I have have attracted so many wonderful things to my life I don’t know which to share. In short, my career, my husband and baby are some of the biggest and best things I have attracted by aware of and applying the law of attraction

  • Miriam Moreno-Duany

    Hi Joe, I really enjoyed this posting. I read The Secret a little less than a year ago and it was powerful. I really appreciate that you took the time to write this posting. It’s always important to be reminded of the power we have in our lives. Personally, I always forget that my thoughts have a lot to do with the turnouts in my life.
    P.S. Thank you for following my blog.

  • Alison

    Hi Joe – I’ve been travelling around your blog. You’re a pretty smart guy. Seems like you’re learning some things that take a lot people years to learn, and some never learn at all.
    Good ‘luck’ with all your ventures. And thanks for following our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey,both inner and outer. Cheers, Alison

  • Ersilia

    Hi Joe thanks for your post and your great blog. Its always interesting to remember how to create my reality, I am a believer!!! Not sure I have any crazy stories to tell you but if you haven’t already seen it, take a look at Gregg Braden, the divine matrix, video (can find it on youtube). 3 hours long but worth the watch and a great addition to the video your already posted. Happy creating!!

  • living Not Wanting

    your post indirectly inspired my blog post yesterday. Thank you for posting :)

  • Latanya

    I really like your blog.. very nicee colors & theme. Did youu create this website yourtself or did yyou
    hire someone to do it for you? Plz reply as I’m looking to
    design my own blog and wold like too find out where u got this from.
    many thanks

  • Sadie

    Great post! The law of attraction has undeniably worked for humans since the beginning of time, whether they were acquainted with it or not. The law of attraction has been a constant companion of mine throughout my life. I love your knowledge and perspective on this timeless reality that lives among us all.

  • Sookri

    Great post and I cant agree more. As a fengshui practitioner, symbolism plays a part in the way we place the cures to counter certain afflictions. The cures in a way act as visual reminders like a visual board sometimes, aside from its esoteric purposes.


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