Law Of Attraction Vision Board …
How to manifest a reality of your own desire.

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What is a law of attraction vision board?

law of attraction vision board


… a vision board is a visual representation or a collage of the things you want to have, be or do in your life.

You can cut out pictures, drawings, writings, anything that will help you visualize your end result.

If you don’t  know what your end result is then you’re going to have a hard time manifesting your vision into reality. A vision board allows you to know what your going after by constantly reminding your reticular activation system (RAS).

Your reticular activation system (RAS) is a tool within your brain that helps determine which information you will notice by filtering it into your conscious mind.

By having a vision board it will help reprogram your (RAS) to focus on your goals consciously and subconsciously. In other words, it will help keep you on track and help keep you focused on the end result.

Have you ever experienced a time in your life where you couldn’t help but focus on a certain thing?

Maybe it was time when you were looking at buying a certain car, and every time you drove by that particular car model you couldn’t help but notice it. Or maybe you had a kid on the way and you couldn’t help but notice babies or pregnant people.

That’s your RAS working, filtering your thoughts patterns.

If you can control your (RAS) by focusing on certain thought pattern, ideas, imagination you can literally manifest your thoughts and ideas into reality.

What do I mean by this?




Law of attraction vision boardBy me having a vision board I am able to control my thoughts and to me this is huge because I understand the importance of your (RAS).

I’m not convinced with what we experience in our thoughts and imagination isn’t real.

Just because we can’t weigh our thoughts, put in a box, hit it was a hammer to make a noise, it doesn’t mean their not real.

Your imagination is a crazy thing with all these neurons and cells firing and some how through these ideas they can manifest themselves as solid objects.

Like the person who figured out the wheel or the person who created the first computer. These are all real things that somehow or another emerged into this dimension from thoughts and ideas.

My first law of attraction vision board.

I created this vision board  about 3/4 years ago. About 90% of the things and situations on this vision board I have already attracted.

vision board

Check out this video I shot that shows my law of attraction proof of the things I’ve attracted into my life using this law of attraction vision board. 

It will blow your mind.

I first got the idea of creating a law of attraction vision board after reading the book, “Happy Pocket .”  That book has been my bible, I’ve been rereading it over the last couple of years. You should definitely check out that book

I just wrote a new blog post called, “Is the law of attraction real?” covering the science behind it.  This will help give you a better understanding on the Law of Attraction.


I want to hear your thoughts on this… Have you used a law of attraction vision board? Have you attracted anything using the law of attraction vision board?

Let me know in the comment section below… 

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{ 21 comments… add one }

  • 1bukowski

    The baby/pregnancy thing that you mentioned made me understand exactly what you are talking about. It happens all the time to me (with different stuff, not babies in particular). I have a question, though. Does the RAS make you more attractive to pretty women with cute butts, or are you trying to sculpt your own cute butt? This sounds like I’m making fun, but I swear I’m not. I’m so curious to know how come pretty ladies are on a board that reminds you what you what can achieve.

  • adrianzambrano1988

    Always thought about a vision board, should probably get one done.

  • angie

    I actually was just thinking I should have my son do this. He’s into sports, Science, and Outdoors… instead of video games when he’s bored I can have him make this (craft!) and then go look at it to get ideas on something to do. hmmmm :) I should make one too!

  • Monkey Tales

    Love this idea!

  • Diane C

    Great idea. I put positive messages all over my fridge, but the bulletin board is a great idea too. BTW, just want to thank you for dropping by my blog!

  • optimisticgladness

    Great explanation of how we attract what we want. Thank you.

  • godanalytics

    1bukowski, I was wondering the same thing!! :-)

  • dreamscapebuttrlies

    Awesome!!! You’ve got it!!! (The spirit, the heart, the drive) to make it big! Yeah yeah. LOVE IT. <3

  • gaius918

    I had a vision board and loved it. It kept me on track. I recently took it down though so that I can construct another.

  • jessiemystalyn

    The board I made before but I come to find my interests change often. I have seen the secret as well to add. It worked very well for me when I was in Air Force JROTC in school. I had a catalog of uniform stuff. I would focus on the colonel ranks everyday with that book for 3 years. On the 3rd year I was the first in my graduating class to become colonel, and the unit’s commander that came with it. MIND BLOWN. for me it works for 1 object/thing at a time. Multiple things on a board can divide potential energy into too many directions. They guy in the video only got the house from his board. In summary law of attraction is great.

    • admin

      That’s awesome man, congrats, I had a similar feeling with my vision board as well. I don’t really agree with only having one thing, why only one thing? Maybe you get distracted, I have no problem having multiple things, about 90% of the stuff I put on my vision board has manifested into my life and if it hasn’t yet well it’son it’s way.

      Thanks for the comment.

  • tuesday2

    Perhaps Pinterest is the modern day vision board? I have experienced the same phenomenon that you speak of when I started researching for my next car; now I understand what a powerful tool this is. As a kindergarten teacher, I can’t wait to share this with my kiddos!

  • roccoandjamie

    Fascinating stuff. It really shows the power of thought and what we can do. Imagine if we used more of our brain. This is sort of a brain train…Thanks

    • admin

      yeah, no doubt.


    I need to do my vision board

    • admin

      yes you do!

  • carmenaidacreates

    A lot like creative visualization… or positive thought, creates postive reality. Going get started making me a “vision board.”

    • admin

      right on, yeah it’s crazy 90% of the stuff I put on my vision board has come into my reality.

  • Debbie

    awesome idea, just need to do it!

  • Pamela

    Hi guys. I’m also interested in visualization theme. I’ve created an online version of dreams board, check it please, maybe you’ll like it. I’ll be happy to read any comments

  • Christine Lewis

    Great insight, thank you. I recently became aware of LoA although realized that it was LoA that brought my dream job in Dubai into my path ( I didn’t even apply for the job, I was approached!) . I recently started a vision board and the first thing I visualised manifested so quickly that it blew my mind!! This stuff really works, give it a try…


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