It’s Plain & Simple… You Live Life Happier When Not Giving a Fuck… Here’s How YOU Do It.

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The art of not giving a fuck… How to not give a fuck

I’ve seen many people in life spend way too much time caring about offending people, worrying that their not cool enough or asking themselves, “are these people judging me?”

I know this because I had these issues at one point… and the truth is, “You live life happier not giving a fuck”.  

So the question is, how do you get to that point in life?

Because there’s no blueprint for it and it’s something that’s not really brought up in society or school… unless your experiencing it first hand.

So in this blog post I’m going to show you and make you realize how ludicrous it is to give a fuck.  I’m also going to bring up some really cool concepts that will make you question your personality and where you think you got it from.

Your Guide To Not Giving a Fuck. 

Let’s start off with the first concept. I personally think not giving a fuck comes down to confidence and who you are as a person.

The problem is though most people have this identity that isn’t really their own.

You may think you came up with your personality, you may even say stuff like, “That’s me, I came up with it“, “I can’t do something that’s not me

But guess what.

Most of your personality at this point you probably didn’t come up with unless you’re a bit older and you’ve been working on yourself….

… but chances are you did not come up with most of who you are.

What do I mean?

Well, here’s some examples, let’s just say as a kid you try to be creative and it works out. Everyone in the classroom says good job and you get lots of validation.

You get so much props for the work you did that now all of a sudden you say to yourself, “I must be a creative person”. Then you start going down those avenues.


Let’s say as a kid you try and step up and be confident and it works out because there’s no other confident kids around.

Maybe the kids around you are just more passive then you are… even though your a naturally passive kid. Then all of sudden you start to develop those personality traits of being a confident person.

Or you can go the other way around…

… Let’s say as a kid you try and step up but you live in an area full of bullies.

Even though you’re confident kid and if you were put in some other neighborhood you would grow up all emotional happy, healthy, etc.

But now you grow up getting picked on and when you try to be confident you get kicked down.  This causes you to start developing these negative associations at an early age… and now your personality goes in that direction.

So you might say, “this is me. I can’t change, I can’t change my identity, I can’t become the person I want to be, I can’t become someone else…”

Well guess what. 

The core of what makes you who you are has never changed… that’s always been there.  But the personality traits that you have… many of those have been developed by reaction, situations, experiences, etc.

You can actually be who you want to be. Nothing is actually stopping you.

The crazy thing is… everyone has a concept of what a cool person looks like… but at the same time we don’t give ourselves permission to be that person…

So be that fucking person.

Now below I have a short video of myself breaking down different things you can do to not give a fuck.  I also share some other cool concepts that you will find interesting…  check out the video below.

Now let’s get into another concept that I think is very important when it comes to not giving a fuck. And that’s, “SELF-ESTEEM

Most people have low self-esteem because they’re trained by society to have their self worth and happiness based on having external items like shirts, shoes, cars, etc.

Just think of the way you feel when you have a nice shirt or shoes on… you feel really good.

The problem is though… the way you feel when you have a really nice shirt or shoes on is the way you should always feel about yourself.

It’s weird that we don’t.

Happiness is a default state that comes from you… it’s internal. And the more you practice this concept the more happier you will be.

Now this doesn’t mean not to buy no fancy clothes, shirts, cars etc because your possessions can be a reflection of what you’ve done in life.

And if you worked hard and it’s something you love then of course buy whatever it is you want… but you do it because it’s for YOUR enjoyment.

Not to impress other people.


… these concepts helped you out and gave you some more insight about yourself.

I want to hear what you think… do you have any additional tips that you can share? My readers would enjoy it.

Also if you have a friend who’s always in their head and isn’t sure of themselves… then show them this blog post.  Help them and me out!

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  • Marc Anrhony

    Awesome, what a great concept of relieving STRESS!! Sometimes we tend to care and get invovled a bit too much, adding stress to our own Lifes’! Thanks!

    • Joe Seeber

      Yeah exactly… most of these concepts I didn’t come up with. Got this information reading books, etc and applying it in my everyday life over the years. Definitely helped.

  • forever36

    Nice take! I’ve always had an issue with this people-judging-one-another business…cheers to not giving a fuck :)

  • Samia

    Loved it, cracked me up – plus accurate. I shall spend today not giving a fuck!

  • sokkha

    awesome content. I’m at a phase in life where i am living by not giving a fuck by building self-esteem. by the way i have 6 toes and i wear sandals when i can! it took me a long time to accept me but i finally did =)

    • Joe Seeber

      That’s awesome, I’m pumped for you. Haha, really, 6 toes, crazy stuff, that’s awesome. If I had 6 toes… it wouldn’t even phase me. I’d be counting to 11 with my toes and making fun of all the other kids.

  • houseofpossibilities

    Fantastic, I like your style of writing.

    • Joe Seeber

      Thanks man, I just write how I talk. I love your site as well, has lots of good content… it’s right up my alley

  • communiTEEZ

    eye-catching post!

    im noticing that as i reBuild my selfesteem my i-dont-give-a-phkness is improving as well.

    its amazing (yet deflating) how much i hold back from myself – and the world – in fear of what ‘they’ will say

    …but ive been slow to realize that many people arent even paying attention so i say…. WHO gives a FUCK ?!

    • Joe Seeber

      Yea exactly. One of my favorite quotes is from Kanye West, he says,

      “I don’t give a fuck what people think because people don’t think”

      Kudos to you. Thanks for the comment.

  • romasety


  • linzerr27

    So absolutely true. The way you were raised and the surroundings you were put in as a child mold your behaviors as adults. You can never change who you are as a person, but you can change how you cope, how you act and react. I just wrote an article about how to rebuild your self esteem, cause let me tell you- mine is fucked. But through lots of self discovery I’m realizing that when you give too much of a fuck, things get really complicated really quickly and totally mess with your head. Great read :)

    • Joe Seeber

      Thanks, yeah when I first heard that concept… I started to look at my past and really analyzed myself… Glad you enjoyed the read.

  • damedo

    Really enjoyed reading this. I have been thinking the same thing lately, I saw somewhere a quote that goes: the life is happier when you take nothing personally. That thought hit me back then and here you are saying the same thing. I’ve tried it – and it helps! Truly.

  • almostfifty50

    Fuck ..I am the epitome of not giving a fuck ..bwahaha ….I love it

  • moccasindesert

    You’re fucking cool mate. The art of letting go. Nice xx

    • Joe Seeber

      I don’t know about that… I’m a work in progress. Thanks for the kind words.

  • Lucie

    I couldn’t watch the video yet, but I SO agree with everything else. I gave WAY too much on other people’s opinions for too long – since I worked on my self-esteem and don’t give a fuck what people think about me, I am a happy person. As you say – nothing can stop one to be what they want to be – I am still a work in progress, but it’s fun!!

    • Joe Seeber

      Yeah, exactly Lucie. By the way you have an awesome website. It’s right up my ally, I’m just getting back into shape since it’s spring here in Canada. I’m definitely going to be diving through your content.

  • Alwin

    Nice post! It all comes down to having self-confidence and living in the present.

    • Joe Seeber

      Exactly Alwin, I haven’t talked to you in ages, let’s get on a Skype call. But yes, you’re exactly right.

  • ahealthybean

    This made me laugh, but it’s so true. I’ve had a hard time recently (stress, etc) but found an enormous amount of peace when I finally got angry about a situation, expressed that anger, and decided that I did not give a fuck about the fallout. As a generally passive or people-pleasing person, it was liberating! Turns out the fall out wasn’t too bad… I’ve been making myself anxious over it for no good reason! Like another commenter said… Cheers to not giving a fuck!

    • Joe Seeber

      BOOM! Yeah, I’m just like you, I’m a naturally passive person, it takes a lot to get me worked up on something… but it rarely happens.

      I find when you have a “DGAF” attitude… people around you act better. They understand that you’ll not put up with their bullshit, etc. Therefore there’ll be less bullshit. Does that make sense?

      On another note, I have high expectations with my friends or people in my inner circle. If they’re slacking in life, not living to their full potential or falling off the band wagon… I make sure I kick there ass.

      However, this is a two way street because I demand a lot from myself. I’m always pushing myself to the next level, etc. If I feel like I’m slacking… I’ll let me friends know to make sure they kick my ass. That’s if it gets to that point!

  • Enid Coleslaw

    I have been contemplating getting DGAF tattooed on my knuckles so this post is rather pertinent to me.

    • Joe Seeber

      Haha, that’s awesome! I think knuckle tattoos are awesome. I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo done for a while now, I know exactly what it is that I want… just haven’t gotten around to it yet. If you do, send me a photo, maybe I’ll post it up on my site. :D

  • Marzy2014

    Cool stuff!Your message sounds crystal clear to me.Thanks for sharing :)

    • Joe Seeber

      Thanks… I use to be in my head lots, especially in my early 20’s. So most of this information I shared is what helped me. Glad it helped you out.

  • Erinn Quinn

    Love this. I’m going to task this into 31 Days of Not Giving a Fuck! The concept of detaching from outcomes is true to the idea of “observe the observer” to learn more about oneself and to let go of outcomes. Just being. Great post and fun video. Thanks much, good sir.

    • Joe Seeber

      I feel honored, thanks! Let me know how it goes… I’m interested.

  • trenditorials

    Dear Joe

    I was going to start my comment by applying your concept and saying I don’t give a f*ck about all of this, but in reality I do.

    I care what people think and I care what people feel. I do care a lot, not because I’m not confident or that I’ve been bullied into social submission, but because there’s beauty in harmony. And it’s not all people but those select few I love and want to be in harmony with.

    Harmony is being in a state of flow with others. Those loved ones who make life worth living. Your wife and kids are an example.

    Now here’s where I agree with you Joe; aside from these select people that make up my inner circle of harmony, everyone else can go f*ck themselves figuratively speaking of course.

    Love and peace


  • Joe Seeber

    I do agree with you and maybe I should of covered that in my post. Not giving a fuck doesn’t mean being a dick to others… it means not letting people’s opinions interfere with what you want to do in life, etc.

    If I had to call someone late at night to get directions, would I care what if the person would be pissed at me?

    Absolutely not.. .

    However, I wouldn’t do it because I would feel like a dick to myself. But if I had too… then I would. But I wouldn’t be worried about that person not liking me, etc. Does that make sense, might be a crappy example.

    But anyways, thank you for adding your 2 cents, you shared lots of value you in your comment.

  • Jane Weiss

    I love it…. Positive self esteem and happiness are our natural state.

  • November Tango

    Great article. Good work !!!

  • Larry

    True story. I stopped giving a fuck a while back. I document it on my blog. Most people suck anyway, so fuck their thoughts and opinions. Just be you! Great article brother.

    • Joe Seeber

      Yeah exactly Larry. Out of all people Kanye West said this amazing quote,

      ” I don’t give a fuck what people think because most people don’t think”

      Which is true, thanks for leaving a comment.

  • Steve Davies

    Nice delivery Joe- straight to the back of the net :-)

  • ddeeppaa

    Awesome. Iam relaxed after reading this. Thanks friend.

  • Renee

    Spot. On.

  • Mama peach

    Hey joe, great blogpost… It’s something I’ve recently started looking at, internally. I think a lot of people like myself think they don’t give a fuck when really they do. That’s the worse kind of fuck to give lol.. Cos if you give a fuck and you know it there is an element of control but when your “giving a fuck” is disguised as not giving fuck then you’re really fucked… Luckily for me I realized what I have been doing all this time and am now embarking on a personal journey abroad the uss notgiveafuck.

    • Joe Seeber

      Yeah, learning to not give a fuck can be very difficult… because like you said the more you try the more you actually care. Remember to just detach yourself from the outcome, do something for yourself. If someone thinks it’s wack, meh, who cares. Life’s way to short to care. Glad your on that journey!

  • J.R

    Sometimes not giving a fuck means making an unpopular decision that may disappoint people you really care about. But if that decision is the best for YOU then those same disappointed people should be understanding of this. And if they are not then fuck em, they never really cared about you at all. Not giving a fuck can be a litmus test to see the true intentions of those around you. Nice post.

    • Joe Seeber

      Yeah, exactly J.R. I found once I started to not give a fuck… better people came into my life. That is a very good point, glad you shared it.

  • salutefitnutrition

    I have spent my years falling in and out of this way of life.. i think it takes a big event or action failed to make you relaise (although it shouldnt)!Could not agree more.. great post. Shared on facebook and twitter so hopefully people wake the fuck up ! Peace xx

    • Joe Seeber

      Yeah, it’s a work in progress.

      Working on yourself, your mindset, should be something you do daily. Especially in this day and age with all this nonsense on TV, etc. We eat, shower, workout daily but most people forget to work on themselves. That’s what really helped me out.

      Going at war with my ego, understanding it, understanding why I do the things that I do. I plan on doing Ayahuasca in the near future when I head to Peru. Should be very interesting.

      Thanks for sharing, thanks for leaving a comment.

  • Charly Priest

    You couldn´t be more right.

  • weaver

    ah, I was chuckling through the post and following commentary. :D

    I appreciate the clarity you gave in comments, too, as I was then more sure I could ‘like’ this. yes, this is the way to live: open mindedness and firm boundaries in a balance that keeps you smiling in the mirror.
    i’ll be back!


    That’s as Awesome post Mate.

  • Eunice

    I adore your writing style and thank heavens for this post.

    You’re absolutely spot on with your revelations and observations.

  • FreckledHapa

    Hahaha, I love it! Sounds about like how I’ve been living my life lately. Cheers!

  • kstina5

    This was excellent. So much of what you’re saying is how I’ve already started to change my own life. As a “Type A” personality I’ve had to let go of the notion that I can please everyone and focus on keeping myself healthy and happy – because no one else is going to look out for me first. Not giving a fuck is a great feeling once you’re able to let whatever you’re holding on to go. Cheers!

  • techgirl

    Awesome post, Thank you so very much because I am sure it must have helped so many of your readers. And yes the problem with us is we most of the times want to do something but can’t do it because we think people would judge us. They would keep doing it, you can’t control them. What you can control is how much you are being affected by them.
    I believe everyone has lot of capabilities, its just that we don’t give ourselves a chance to try out something which we love.

    Life is beautiful but it is how you make it. It can really be painful if we depend upon others for our happiness (mind it people really can screw your life) and you get life only once(I dont believe in reincarnation) So live your life the way you want, you may stumble, you may fall, but you would be happy.

    Explore the new world that awaits you.

    A great post. Thank you. And thanks for the follow.


    • Joe Seeber

      Hey, glad you enjoyed the post.

      You said something that I think is very important. You said, “that most people seek for others for their source of happiness” and that is very true.

      Happiness comes from you, it’s internal. Whenever you rely on others for your happiness… it will never work. Maybe for a short period of time but it’s something you can’t sustain over long periods of time.

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

  • shercb

    Really enjoyed a lot of the content, particularly the “do you” not “do the you that you’ve been sold in shops” and the don’t worry about what others think of you..

    In my opinion, if your life is actually brilliant; friends, financial security, generally satisfying social and work activities, then I suggest it might be easier to Not Give A fuck as actually you are quite happy and in control of your life. Moreover, your NGAF actions generally will not negatively effect others, e.g defending the sexual attractiveness of balding gingers can only benefit the world ;-).

    However, if you are not where you want to be, your level of giving a fuckage is kind of dictated by people and power outside of your control. For example, you have very little income from a shitty job, you hate the job but cannot leave it until you find a new job so that you can pay your rent and eat. What would a NGAF er do? Quit their job? Tell their boss what they really thought of them? Or not give a fuck that they spend most of their time in a job they hate just to pay their bills?

    I think the most important consideration is whether the intended NGAF er is actually a @unt. Who really wants a mean mofo running around doing exactly what they like and not listening to any advice? By all means DO You, think for yourself, have confidence in yourself. But don’t use the NGAF idea recklessly as an excuse to condone selfish actions …

    Don’t be a honey badger! ;-)

    And on that overbearing, patronising and self righteous tone I bid one and all goodnight lol xxxx bh

    • Joe Seeber

      You Brought up some valid points and I can see where people can get confused.

      When I talk about not giving a fuck, I’m not talking about being a dick. It just means you’re detached from outcomes, you’re not seeking approval, your life isn’t dictated through other peoples opinions.

      If you’re truly happy, you have your ideal dream job, a perfect lover, etc it’s because you got it by not giving a fuck.

      All those issues about working a shitty job, dealing with a horrible boss, I myself actually went through it.

      I’m a college dropout, I use to work at a job where the boss and I didn’t see eye to eye. Also people didn’t respect my position and people would look down on me. People would actually say the craziest things to my face. They would say stuff like,

      “Joe you’re a 26 years old… don’t you want to move up? Don’t you want something better?”

      I had family mailing my books for different colleges to attend on top of that, etc. I’m also giving you the mellow part of the journey.

      The point is, I gave zero fucks. I just focused on me because that’s all I could do.

      I worked my ass off, not for my boss but for me. I knew in some way that by working my ass off it would prepare me for my dream job. Which it did becuase I am now an entrepreneur.

      I didn’t work to please my boss or the owner… I did it for me.

      I didn’t enjoy my job, I didn’t get paid enough… I focused on solutions.

      If I had to discuss something with my boss about issues I was concerned about.. I did it the right way.

      I did it in a civil manner and I focused on a solution, I also could back it up because I was an extremely hard worker.

      Anyone having this issue should read the book, “How to win friends and influence people” By Dale Carnegie.

      Having a good income, a good job, etc is irrelevant to not giving a fuck.

      I know many people in life who come from good homes who only went to school because they were forced by their parents. I know people who got certain jobs because htey were forced to get that job, etc.

      Why did they do it? Because they cared too much, they let other opinions dictate their life.

      There are people out there who are VERY well off and most of them feel like they have this image they have to live up too. There personality revolves around it. They only feel good when people notice their watch, etc. Or they don’t feel comfortable until people around them know that their worth a lot of money.

      Why do they do this? Because they care what people think.

      I wish everyone in the world did not give a fuck because there would be more people doing what they love.

      Why do people make fun of others? Because they’re insecure about themselves… they have to put other people down to make themselves feel better.

      Our whole society is built with these external beliefs and it’s complete bull shit.

      Who cares what people do, let people be into whatever they’re into.

      I know many snowboard bums, people who live very simple lives… they just get by. I have a ton of respect for these people because they’re doing what they want to do in life.

      If more people followed their passions, did things for them, the world would be a happier place.

      • Shez

        I love your response, it really put a smile on my face!! Thank you for clarifying and inspiring with your ideas. I can really see how you want to help others and that is a really lovely and special thing to do!!

  • Vishu Kamble

    Many dreams have been forgotten just because of one thought ‘What would they think if I do this’

  • ishityouknot

    So Man of the House and I got into a discussion today about giving “anti-fucks.” Basically, you don’t care enough about something to concentrate the effort into not giving a fuck. This conversation was started in relation to our attention-seeking ex-spouses. I wonder though, is there a fine line between anti-fuck and ignorance? Since you are the current expert on the matter, I thought I’d ask your thoughts.

  • Jeff Freeman

    Not that you give a fuck, but great post. Just what I needed today.

  • ihsmw

    I LOVE this post! I often practice the art of not giving a fuck. There is too much stress involved with caring about how other people will react or think of you. Most of the time, I don’t give a fuck

  • RuzSchmooze

    Fuck yeah! Lots of people need to read and follow this

  • fatimasque

    This article is fantastic if the stress is aided by what people think of me, etc etc. I’m generally successful in the “not give a fuck” department, and agree with what you have to say. But stress has many triggers. Like responsibility, whether towards your children to provide them the best life possible, or employees to make sure you have enough to pay wages on time, or making sure they are in an environment that is positive Etc. or towards a friend in need. not giving a crap in these situations is destructive and only possible if you don’t have a conscience. Stress is therefore seemingly unavoidable. And the struggle lies in the balancing act of saving myself and the others I care for … Any propositions on how to deal with this type of stress?

  • S

    Nice post! It addresses the assumptions we carry in our minds about certain situations and their value as a whole. Of-course, there are certain things like kids and family that you must always care about, but the vast majority of things, like getting fired on a bad day cause more harm than good if we stress about it.

    I knew one guy who stressed over a decision in a business that was made democratically. He was out voted and it turned into frustration which caused him to stress about it in the car on the way home which then led to an accident. Fortunately he was alright but all that stress was wasted in the long run since the decision ended up benefiting him. The trick is to learn when and when not to give a f**k. This post offers some helpful tips. Good job.

  • Sidney

    LOVE THIS POST. I have one similar from a few weeks back called ” The art of not giving a shit” with the same concept. Also:I could use some marketing tools and social media lessons! “I go wherever my heart leads and I don’t think twice about it. I have this habit of once finding my calling, I becoming obsessed with it. I’ll follow it to wherever it may lead” FAVORITE LINE. This speaks volumes.

  • Ninja

    nicely done! :)
    good writing! \m/

  • jsack1

    Brilliant blog, highly enjoyable to read thank you for this amazing perespective I will take it into my daily life.

  • Christina


  • The Aspiring Actress

    Ha. This post is so relevant to my life right now, funnily enough. I completely agree with everything you’ve said and most of the time that’s what I live by. However, I often flitter between being a confident person, not caring what others think and being the world’s most obnoxiously insecure, neurotic person. It’s something I’m working on.

    But this post made me smile and serves as a fantastic reminder for me. Will definitely be revisiting this entry many times to come in the future.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts! :)

  • kristin

    right on.

    on this journey now.

    thank you.

  • Douglas McCall

    Joe –

    Great concept! I love the brash, “no nonsense” vibe that you set up in the article. I have been writing about a similar concept about accepting who we are and you give a great view on it. I would love to feature this on my blog….with your permission of course.

  • Jolene

    Thank you for sharing about this topic up Joe! I am constantly battling with the compulsion to impress, and I think this will really help me! :)

  • Jo

    So how do you care about others -including those you love – if you REALLY don’t give a fuck?

  • Sean

    Joe, this is brilliant, man! And it’s now my new mantra. I usually think of it as non-attachment to experience, but WTF! This is so much more salient. Thanks for following my blog. Looking forward to reading more good things from you, sir!

  • Strangely Ordinary Girl

    I love the concepts you put out there and thank you for sharing! It is interesting and VERY valid to think about how much society plays into who we think we are. And the role these “fucks” have in the way we build and re-build our self image on seasonal basis. As much as I wish I could believe it, I might have to argue that one cannot just simply withhold the fucks that could be given. In order to function in modern day society, you must provide a charitable donation of fucks here or there in order to achieve certain goals or take certain paths in this great adventure of life. Well unless you can find an un-owned patch of land that you can squat on and live out your days _Ope, Ope, Ope- scraggly Paul Bunyan style. Maybe you could make a hit youtube song about it one day, and not care if someone likes it. Forgive me, I am really not arguing your thoughts, as I truly appreciate the idea of not letting someone elses opinion dictate your own, and just wish it were easier for me to quit being so generous with my fucks.

  • randebz

    Love it! My philosophy on live too x

  • inspirelandpodcast

    Great post. Some of the principles reminded me of this Guardian article which I’ve been returning to almost weekly for over a year

  • Sheona

    “Be that fucking person”, LOVE IT! Great piece!

  • Beverly Young

    Joe, one of the great lessons many people struggle with in life is to let go, to detach from the ego, which tells us to “care about what people say and think about us”.

  • Gargi

    This article really called to me because all this time I have been doing so much for others and most never seem to appreciate the fact that I do so much and care so much. I am going to try not giving a FUCK and seeing if things change with my new outlook. I am so tired of caring about others and having it work against me.

  • Gerri

    When I look back at my life, as far as high school, I can say I was taking baby steps towards ‘not giving a fuck’. Of course, the steps have grown larger and take a little more time to accomplish but, as I age, I feel like I’m shedding the old me. My tendency is to think about things for a period, and when it feels good and right to me, there is no stopping me. My own timeline, my own self-discovery. It’s an exciting future, to be more authentic each day. Some great writing and ideas. Thanks! Positive reinforcement is always good!

  • zaborilenta

    Great write-up, I

  • Miss Observant

    Yup. Stress develops when we give a fuck. Great article by the way!

  • Caroline Jackson Levy

    Even your title was the enough to remind me how ludicrous it is that we live our lives in fear of scrutiny…we pick up a lot of baggage in our lives…time for a clear out. Best.

  • Ashley

    Thanks for this! I’ve been going through some BS lately … all related to other people of course and thought to myself – I should just stop caring…. and this is going to help me do that.. hopefully ;)

  • Keith Dickinson

    Great site and thought-provoking posts.

  • Aby Amores

    I loved it! i will read this every time i catch myself giving a fuck.. Could you recommend me some book about this? Thank you so much

  • Madeline

    As long as fucks are ‘given’ concerning the important aspects of our life, I think you have suggested a highly valid and inspirational point of view for the shallow and superficial barriers we build for our self confidence.
    Great post!
    M x

  • Daniel O'Hare

    Great article, and thank you for subscribing. I used to be so bad at this when I was younger, we have a name for this, ‘being inside your head’. You spend so much time thinking about situations and playing out conversations in your head that you end up not living life.
    I am glad I got out of that habit.

  • crazychemonurse

    LOVE This!!! It’s so very true!! It’s just too bad it took me 30+ years to learn it…
    Love the way you write!!

  • Stefany Warren

    It’s a very insightful article. And inspiring. A lot of people who may read this can relate to this and hopefully be helped. :) Great post.

  • Layo

    This post made me laugh! And it’s so true…I think as younger people, it’s easy to get caught up in what people around us think – we want to please them so we’re well liked. But you’re right, as one grows older, I think he/she realizes… “Hey, this is MY life, why should I let someone else who doesn’t feed me or pay my bills have so much power over my life and actions?” Because that’s crazy!

  • Mia Ruiz

    Hi Joe,

    I love your blog! thumbs up! Really exciting post.
    Keep it up!



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