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Simple Blog Design = The Best Blog Design… Are you falling victim to the BIGGEST website killer

simple blog design

There’s a big mistake I’ve been seeing lately with the design of blogs and websites.

And it absolutely crushes website conversions because it can leave the viewer confused and distracted.

Is your website falling victim to this mistake?

If so… don’t worry because it’s a simple fix that can have a huge impact on your blog or website.

So what’s the biggest website killer?

It’s simple… it’s website clutter and in this blog post I’m going to talk about how clutter kills your website.

I’m also going to talk about website functionality and website design to show you how to improve your blog with a few simple tweaks.

So how does website clutter kill your website?

It’s simple, it creates distraction for the viewer and distrust.

How so?


… What are the chances of the viewer taking action on what you want them to do when you have a bunch of widgets, other social media platforms or any other junk on your website.

They’ll most likely get distracted, confused, and do nothing. Look at my website for example, everything on my website has purpose.

The goal of my website is to gain more followers by capturing emails.

You’ll notice that every page on my website is very plain and simple. I have a simple blog design with zero distractions and limited options for what you (the viewer) can do.

No matter where you click, what page you go to… I have it funneling you (the viewer) to 4 different options to choose from… those options are:

  1. Email Opt-in’s to follow my blog on every page.  
  2. A section to join my Facebook community
  3. Sections for the viewer to share, like and leave comments.  
  4. A resource page / popular articles which incorporates the first 3 options.

Each of the options the viewer chooses will benefit my website.

If the viewer isn’t interested in entering their email to follow my blog… there is a good chance they will leave a comment, share it on social media or join my Facebook community.

This is how I built a website full of life in such a short amount of time and I did it with a very simple blog design.

Here is a video of me explaining how I run my website, which has a simple blog design. It will give you a better understanding.

So hopefully this video gave you a better understanding and gave you some ideas of how you can tweak your blog.

Now you might be thinking….

… what’s the best blog design for you?

Well it depends… don’t just copy my website or make a similar website. Know what works and what doesn’t work in your niche.

For me a simple blog design works for my niche…. I know this because I did the research.  If this was a celebrity gossip website… then my layout would be COMPLETELY different.

It comes down to you doing some research, find out what’s the best blog design for your niche.

If you have a personal development, gossip, fitness blog, etc… start looking in that niche of other successful websites to see what their doing differently then you.

Start seeing what works, what doesn’t work and start incorporating it into your blog.

Just remember to keep it clean and simple with ZERO clutter.

If you don’t know how to incorporate designs into your blog… don’t worry I have a simple solution for that too… I’ll explain later in this post.

So what can you do right NOW to start getting results? 

Let’s start with the side bar.

Most people spam the side bar with useless widgets and features such as recent posts, recent comments, archives, meta, tags, images, categories, etc.

These widgets and features are useless and just take up space.

Just remember that the goal is to have a nice simple blog design with zero distractions.

It’s a lot easier to point the viewer in the right direction when they have less directions to choose from.

I’m basically funneling (you) the viewer to where I want them to go… and this is the main reason why I get so many comments, likes, views and followers.

So what should a sidebar have? 

The Essentials.

Simple blog design —> Every blog sidebar needs:

1. An opt-in form at the top of the sidebar.

This is a must… if you don’t have an opt-in form at the top of your sidebar then your missing a BIG opportunity of gaining followers.

2. A resource page

3. Links to your popular articles

4. A link to your Facebook group or Twitter if you have one.

Why do you need these 4 areas in your side bar? 

1. Well, by having an opt-in form I’ve noticed a MASSIVE increase of people following my blog when landing on my pages.

You’ll notice on this page I have more opt-in forms to follow my blog as well. I actually have opt-in forms to follow my blog on every page of my website.

2. Having a resource page… which is basically a WordPress page. It allows people to find the information they want.  My resource page is , “Blogging Tips 101” I listed all my best blogging strategies on this page.

3. Then a popular articles section… this will generate lots of click play because the word, “popular implies that people like the content.  Therefore people won’t be able to resist clicking on the articles.

4. Finally a Facebook or Twitter section… I mostly just use my Facebook Page. I post exclusive content, blog posts and it lets people connect with me on a personal level.

That’s all you need.

If you have a celebrity gossip blog or an entertainment blog, you might want to look at other popular websites in that niche because it will be a different layout and strategy.

How to create the best blog design the easy way… 

You’re ready to take action on this lesson but you’re not to sure how to design or tweak your blog.

Good news, I have a simple and easy solution for you.

The best and cheapest gig to get website work done is on www.fiverr.com

With Fiverr, you can find graphic designers, coders, etc to do your website work for cheap.  It costs $5.00 to get anything you want done on your website.

I’m not affiliated with this service, but I support them 100%.  I’ve had times where I crashed my website, I had no idea what to do and how to fix it.

I went to Fiverr, found someone to fix my problem for 5 dollars. I have also got logo’s and some coding done on my website as well with fiver .

It’s an awesome service… check it out.


Leave me a comment, let me know if you found this information useful.

Are you going to incorporate these simple blog design strategies into your website?

Let me know…

Also, if you have a friend or know someone who is thinking of creating a blog or has clutter  on their website then SHOW THEM THIS BLOG POST.

Show them that having a simple blog design might be the best solution for them.

Help them and me out.

Thanks, can’t wait to hear from you. :D

Learn how to create an Income Online... Hint you're halfway there! Get the Blueprint NOW...

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  • pinechunks

    Thanks, this is very helpful information!
    I’m just getting started with blogging and this really came in handy!

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    • Joe Seeber

      Hey buds, glad you enjoyed the post.

      I’m about to shoot a podcast with a friend of mien who is a successful entrepreneur and blogger on this topic. This podcast should be up later tonight, you don’t want to miss it…

      There will be lots of value. :D

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  • Arun Ramachandran

    Thanks man. Very valuable information to new bloggers like me. Expect these kind of helpful article from you in future as well.

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    • Joe Seeber

      Thanks, yeah if you liked this article definitely check out my resource page.

      I wrote the best strategies that make a website successful. Everything on that page is what I’m currently doing on my website.

      Glad you enjoyed the content.

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  • Anonymous

    How do you put the follow opt in widget at the bottom of posts?

    Reply edit
    • Joe Seeber

      You can check in your widgets section in your dashboard. If you have a self hosted website you might have to install a plugin.

      If you use Aweber like me for capturing follows then you have to buy a program. Aweber is what I recommend, I’ll make a blog post in the near future on using Aweber, etc.

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  • Adaeze

    Thanks! helpful

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  • Chris Norbury

    Thanks for the follow, Joe. Like your website. Very clean and pro. I might be able to learn from you so I’ll give you a try. Never been to Whistler but I absolutely love BC and Alberta. The National Parks are awesome, as is Vancouver, Victoria, everywhere I’ve been in your great province. Feel like my second home is Banff (even though it’s technically in Alberta). Or I lived there in a past life. ;-)


    Reply edit
    • Joe Seeber

      Hey Chris, no problem. Glad you’re finding my content useful… if you go to my resource page I wrote down a bunch of tips to improve your website. Everything on that page is what I’m doing myself on this website.

      Yeah BC is amazing… I actually just left Whistler after living there for 7 years. I’m getting ready to make my new home in Costa Rica. I’ve been to Alberta a couple times but never had the chance to visit Banff or those ski hills around there.

      Thanks for the comment buds. I’ll take a look at your website in a couple days when you make the changes.

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  • ainecasey

    Sweet site Joe, thanks for these good tips. My fave is the lead on accessing a coder for $5

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    • Joe Seeber

      Hey, no problem, glad you enjoyed them. Yeah Fiverr is an amazing service, I’m actually going to get some work done on my website using that service.

      Thanks for the comment.

      Reply edit

    I’m thinking about simplifying my blog. I think the background is a plain and “loud” at the same time… If that makes sense

    Reply edit
    • Joe Seeber

      Simplifying does help… it just depends what the goal on your website is. You what I taught as your core principles… but also look at other successful websites in your niche to get ideas.

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  • Chiktionary

    Thanks Joe, helpful info.

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  • Geniies

    Nice, clear-cut tips.

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  • Prithvi

    I’m new to blogging and this really helped!! Thanks!!

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  • Anamika Nandedkar

    Hi! Very informative post… I really enjoyed it.
    Pls check out my other blog, http://www.acuriousarmywife.wordpress.com, where I write about my adventures as an Army wife in India. Cheers!

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  • minnimonmon

    Thank you for this! It really helped! I’m definitely going to be exploring more of your blog.

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    • Joe Seeber

      Glad you enjoyed this blog post. Definitely do, everything I teach I do myself on this blog. If you have any questions feel free to join my Facebook community and shoot me a message.

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  • winniethefashionista

    It’s like you were talking to me :D This post definitely helped man.Decluttering my website right this minute!

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  • Naomi

    Hey, thanks for checking out my blog. I’ve just been reading a few posts from you. I’ve been trying to make some changes to my blog but have found it pretty time consuming and I really don’t have time to figure it out…. I checked out the link you posted to http://www.fiverr.com … but it’s no longer there. Is there an updated link? Thanks again :)

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  • nema theresa

    As a new blogger, your site is very helpful :-) Will see more of your posts :-)

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  • Chef Sarah Bogan

    Just cleared about half of my side bar :) Less is more!

    Reply edit
    • Joe Seeber

      BOOM, looks alot better. You should move your “follow widget” to the very top of the side bar so that is the first thing the viewer sees. Glad you enjoyed the post.

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  • Yellow Polka

    Thx for all your suggestions:)

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  • Mathematicalpie

    Great post… I love the idea of a vision board, I tend to write lists but something more visual is a better idea. Also taking action and following plans through. I’m still new to finding out who I am,and what I want and I think a vision board is my way forward. Thanks.

    Reply edit
  • Craig Woodall

    Alright alright you caught me!!! Thanks for the great info, I will start working on some (all) of your suggestions. BTW you ever been to Salt Lake City? We have the best snow on Earth (and great terrain to ride!). Dream!

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  • Michael56j

    Yes. I agree. Keep it simple is the best way.

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  • Karina Lovelace

    Great suggestions Joe. I try to keep my blog clutter free of the shiny stuff but it’s hard every time I see something new.

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  • kirstytroy

    Hi Joe, thanks for the good advice- all of your tips really make sense. I am definitely going to do some tweaking on my blog to get rid of some clutter.

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  • dawnandbaskin

    I totally agree about simplisity on websites! :) I’m glad that it looks like I chose well for my blogs theme. I don’t like complicated or cluttered websites because being a screenreader user, they are very annoying and easy to get lost in, even more than for a sighted person.

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  • CranioLaura

    Thanks. I’m new to this, don’t have a lot of time but want to build traffic to my blog and facebookpage.

    I’ll definitely check out fiverr.

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  • kateincharge

    Great advice for new bloggers like myself; I will be referring to this whenever I can! Thanks again!

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  • Jenny

    Great tips! Thank you for sharing. I was debating whether the meta data was important to include, so now I have removed it to free up some real estate =)

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  • Christina

    I really, really loved your advice about cleaning up blogs. I removed everything from mine that doesn’t coincide with my goals and I have to say, it looks wildly more appealing. Also, that half-picture at the start of each post to make lines shorter trick is awesome. Now even I want to read my blogs more.

    I have a question, though, and I’d love to hear anyone’s opinion. I have a writing blog, the main purpose of which is to spread what I learn through my own writing experiences, the secondary purpose being a platform from which to launch my kickstarter next summer – I’m hoping to self-publish.
    That being said, I have a GoodReads widget on my blog that shows what books I’ve been reading lately. My question is, do you think this is a valuable thing to share as a writer? I feel like when people see what kind of book I read they will be more attracted to my writing.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  • Rayne

    Hi Joe, as a new blogging I’m finding your posts really helpful! Thank you so much! I keep simplifying as I go and it it is looking a lot better than when I started :) Keep the awesome tips comin’!

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  • Luis Carlos

    Amazing tips, I’ll sure use them on my advantage, thank you!

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  • Kathleen

    Great tips! I know nothing about blogging and have decided to give it a try.

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