Why Removing the Search Bar Can Help Benefit Your Blog or Website.

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Alright, so this might be a controversial blog post because every month, I get at least a couple of emails of people asking me,

“Joe, why don’t you have a search bar on your blog? ”

And you might think it’s a mistake or an accident.

In today’s blog post you’ll learn why I don’t have a search bar and whether you should too.

So What Happens When People Use Search on Your Blog or Website?

Two things will happen:

Your search bar will either help the person find what they’re looking for or it won’t.

If the person finds what they’re looking for, then great, they’ll feel satisfied. But if the search form fails, then they will feel unsatisfied and will be hesitant to use your search bar again.

It’s that simple.

This is why Google stresses over delivering high quality search results and their constantly improving it.

Why Do I Exclude A Search Bar From My Web Design?

Well here’s the deal… despite having more than 3500 subscribers on my blog it’s still a pretty new website and the truth is…

I don’t update my site daily with good quality content, not yet at least.

That means, since I have a limited amount of content (less than 100 articles), a search bar wouldn’t work and people would feel unsatisfied.


If I had a search bar on my site, it would probably cause people who used it to be more likely let down than satisfied.

It’s a numbers game.

Since I have a limited amount of high-quality content, the chances of people finding an article for their every desire is low. And that’s why I don’t have a search bar on my website.

But the Question Remains: Should You Have A Search bar?

That all depends… If you do have a significant amount of content, a search form is vital for good usability.

However, if you’ve have a limited amount of content (less than 50-200 articles), then I would say, “no”.

And the reason why is simple: You don’t want to put people in the position of feeling dissatisfied when browsing your site.

People who feel bad don’t stay and usually won’t come back… unless of course you’re selling them the solution to what makes them feel bad.

Now I Pass It To You…

What do you think about the Search feature? Are you going to keep it on or remove it. Let me know in the comment section below and share your thoughts!


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  • Benny

    Wow, that makes a lot of sense. I’ve always thought the search bar was a plus. I’ve never thought about the negative side of it.

    Thanks Joe.

    • Joe Seeber

      Yeah..it’s just another take on it. In time when I write more articles I’ll create resource pages on specific topics and such.

      Thanks for the comment.

  • Cathy Trowbridge

    Good blog Joe. That makes so much sense!

  • DjMph

    Great article and blog you have here love the unique perspective on this one!

  • Cari Wiese

    Very good point. I’d never thought about this at length before, but it’s definitely a valid idea. The fewer posts (and tags and titles and categories) one has, the more likely that a visitor’s search will come up with “Sorry, no results found…” This is annoying for the searcher, and makes the blogger look bad. Great post! Thank you for visiting my blog!

    • Joe Seeber

      Yeah no doubt, you definitely got the idea.. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  • Wayne

    I would say that as long as you are up front on the home page with users that there is limited content, a search bar is acceptable. It also demonstrates a certain level of expectation, that the author of the site thinks that they will get big enough for you as a user to need the search bar. Maybe offer an alternate navigation option, such as a drop down category menu or the calendar. I agree that a search that returns poor results can be frustrating to a user, but if the user is made aware that there isn’t much to the site YET, but there is still a search, it suggest bigger plans and might even tempt the user to come back, not to use the search feature, but because the fact that it exist bespeaks future content.

    • Joe Seeber

      I see what your saying…

      Honestly, I think the search bar is pointless. When I did have the search bar running, the amount of people who using it would be very slim. Months that I had 20,000 plus people visiting my website..less then a 100 people would use it.

      It’s crazy.

      I also don’t like using it because it takes up space. It’s all about having a clean cut website…with less distractions.

      Instead of having categories I’ll be having resource pages sometime in the near future… for some more organization.

      You should take a look at the people who use your “search bar” you should take a look.. you would be surprised.

      Instead of putting the sear

  • Kristopher Millett

    That makes a whole lot of sense. Being a relatively new blogger with less than 25 posts, I will be taking that off! Thanks Joe!

  • Ellespeth

    Oh no! I think I have one of those! I’ll go see and remove it if I find it. Thanks for passing by again, Joe.

  • Laurent Media Group

    Actually Joe, Is it just me or is that a search bar right next to categories and archives under neath where I am typing? Must be this strong military prescription glasses. I can literally see molecules with this bad boys. Any good post. Your location is really a good spot for it.

    • Joe Seeber

      hmm, you might be confusing that as an opt in box where people can subscribe to my newsletter

  • Laurent Media Group

    Correction: Any way, good post!

  • Gregg

    Great idea

  • Sofia Siberia

    That makes sense :) Most of the times when i search on some blog, it usually gives limited to zero results for the keyword, unless it’s a big info-packed site. I still keep search option on my blog though, don’t think anyone uses that anyway ;) I also have a relatively young blog. Thank you for visiting by the way :)

    • Joe Seeber

      Yeah, it’s surprising with how many people don’t use the search bar. Some months where I get over 20,000 viewers, maybe 50 people will use the search.

      It’s unreal.

  • Mark Washington

    It is just the simple things that are important, yet I need the search bar. My blog is loaded!!

  • Karen Johnston

    Hi Joe, great post. Makes sense. I am off to remove my search bar. I am a newbie!

    • admin

      Good choice, thanks for the comment!

  • elwalker87

    I never really put a lot of thought into the value of a search bar, sometimes they irritate me. I agree with you on not having a search bar if you have limited information on your website. It keeps viewers from getting frustrated.

  • Daithi

    Thanks for the insight…so simplistic, it all makes sense.

  • Richard J G

    Simple yet effective remedy. I have 5 posts on my site, I think I might consider the same!
    Very informative site, excellent work.
    Oh, and a best friend of mine; Mark Brewster is currently living his dream in Whistler!

  • Agata Pokutycka

    It makes a lot of sense

  • Ruma Dak

    Seems like it’s time to say good-bye to Search bar on my Blog !!

  • annora iffat yusuf

    Yeeaaahh it’s great choice! I’ll try it. bye bye search bar…..

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