Why You Will Never Succeed… The Importance Of Follow Through

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The number 1 issue why I see people not get success whether that’s in fitness, business, job promotions, etc, is simple…

It comes down to the lack of follow through, the final 5% to make it happen.

This issue can seem obvious…

… but when your in the thick of it and your trying to accomplish something you don’t realize that all you need to do is keep pushing forward.

Because here’s what happens

The majority of people think success is this obvious path that’s predictable… But in reality it’s not. Things happen, there’s hurdles to be jump and hiccups all along the way…

And often enough when the first challenge or problem  arises people end up quitting because they were caught off guard.

So how do you blast through this…

By knowing that it’s not always the lack of skill, the mentorship or taking action that’s wrong. What’s wrong is you being consistent... your follow through.

The reason why I say this is because…

… when most people hit their first brick wall they’ll automatically assume that it’s either their lack of skill, mentorship or wrong action taking when in fact their doing everything right.

When this happens you’ll hear people say stuff like, “Maybe it’s not for me, it’s my genetics or you don’t understand it’s impossible, etc”

But in reality if they were to keep doing what they’re doing and stay consistent they would reach success.

This photo is a perfect example of it…  it reminds me of the story in the book, “Think & Grow Rich” of the individual named Darby during the gold rush days.

He was mining in Colorado back in 1937 and he ended up quitting 3 feet short of striking gold, he lost millions of dollars worth of ore.

He was doing everything right… but he didn’t follow through.


So how can you stay motivated when the going gets tough?

Like I said up above, you need to understand that there’ll be hiccups and roadblocks along the way. I myself am prepared to push through them by being creative, thinking outside the box or doing whatever it takes.

I know as long as I keep pushing forward I’ll reach my goals because I’m doing everything else right.

Recently I had an issue where I was putting together a product for launch and I had a couple people delegating the tech / programming side.

Everything was going good and then roughly around 85% of the project being complete… the individuals got busy and everything came to a halt.

The last bit of work was a bit over my head… but the only thing I could do was buckle up and make it happen.

When stuff like this happens you need to force yourself to do it. At some point you need to develop self-reliance and self responsibility and just follow through.

People who are successful are people who push forward no matter what.

To make things easier…

When I’m trying to achieve a goal I always focus on one day at a time. I break my main goal in chunks and take it on layer by layer. Here’s a perfect explanation of it.

Reading books daily on mindset helps out a lot. Also being subscribed to YouTube channels like this where motivational content is posted daily helps

If you enjoyed this post.. check out this post I did on how struggle and pain helps you transform when setting goals.


I hope this article gave you a different perspective on road blocks.

Many people try to pin point their issue on areas that are perfectly fine when encountering their first road block.

I wanted to emphasize that everything can be good and the only thing you need to do is just push through.

Now, if you know anyone who is struggling with success or who has hit road block after road block… show them this blog post.

Help them and me out.. 2 birds 1 stone!

Also, if you have any tips on this topic share them, my readers would love to hear them.

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  • joseromero639423775

    Great post Joe keep up the great work!

  • Krithika Rangarajan

    Hey Joe

    Oh boy – can I relate to this or what! Every obstacle has me questioning my skills, framing excuses, blaming others – if I just plow through, I should feel a lot better. Unfortunately, I spend too much time wallowing in self-pity and/or self-loathing.

    Recently, Danielle Miller came on a Hangout-on-Air and talked about the “2 minute rule”. When you absolutely don’t want to do something, just decide to do it for TWO MINUTES. Surprisingly, just starting the task will provide you with enough momentum to keep working! ;)

    Thank you so much for this very relevant article… #HUGS


    • Joe Seeber

      That’s some awesome advice, I’ve had a friend tell me that ages ago and it works surprisingly well. I’m glad you get what I was trying to say, so many people focus on stuff that their already doing right that they forget to push through.

      Thanks for the comment!

  • Vicki

    I’d go further than the ‘pushing through’ and say ‘acceptance’ is the next step. I’ve seen many people who just can’t accept whatever comes their way. It might be a case of the goal being harder than they thought so they give up and ‘accept’ that it’s not for them.

    But there are also people who find their goal easier than they thought it would be and then can’t accept it, thinking it was too easy and they must have missed some important aspect of the process. Win or lose, give or take, accept the outcome. It doesn’t really matter which path you take or which goal you strive for, just keep accepting each day that comes and know that the important thing is to continue your journey in life. If things don’t work out, learn to accept the result and, take some time to analyse a negative result or move on. If MAY be that the path was not right for you, so have a backup plan.

    Don’t stop living because things didn’t quite go as planned. Don’t reject outcomes. Accept and learn by your mistakes. If you’ve accidentally gone down the wrong path or hurt others by your actions, accept what has happened, have the grace to apologise if necessary, and then move on.

    Pushing Through is important, especially when ‘the going gets tough’, but there comes a time when it helps to accept that it may not be your path in life.

    I always say it’s not the winning or losing that’s important, it’s the journey along the way. Be open. Listen to others. Accept that you may not know the whole story. You don’t have to follow their advice. You don’t have to include other people’s stories and experience in your life. But DO listen and acknowledge their opinion. Don’t give advice until you’ve heard their story and ‘accepted’ that this is the way they see the world.

    Many people have tunnel vision. They can’t see ‘outside the box’. They don’t have the imagination or creativity to make the best of what they’ve got. They only accept what they see, or believe is right (in their eyes). Acceptance is in addition to ‘Pushing Through’. I don’t necessarily accept rejection, or give up when the going gets tough, but I am open to a different path (or way of life) which may arise.

    • Joe Seeber

      Woah, you shared some valuable advice.

      Your right on so many levels, I had that issue with myself with creating an income online. When I was first got started I thought it would be extremely hard and that It would take me at least a year to earn my first dollar online. I was basically self sabotaging myself… I was getting in my own way, I wasn’t accepting my success or allowing success… only under certain circumstances.

      Ant the truth is, getting success is so unpredictable, you can’t predict how you’ll get it.

      But many people do that… they think they can get success only doing this certain thing, etc.

      What helped me out with this issue is just reading books on success, books like, “Wealth Beyond Reason” and practicing gratitude. I can do an entire blog post on being grateful and how much it can help you. If your grateful it will solve like 99% of all issues.

      I just wanted to make it clear that their are times where you can be doing everything right and your still not getting success… sometimes it isn’t your wrong action taking.. you just gotta keep pushing through.

      I like what you said about being open minded, and be willing to listen to what others have to say, etc. That’s extremely important, you added tons of value.

      Thanks for taking time to share some valuable advice, my readers will love it.

  • Payton

    I am with you on that one. My first blog, HSM, hit a roadblock for a while there. I got now views, comments, likes, etc. I just kept on pushing through, trying new techniques and changing things but still keeping my true self in the picture. It’s important to never lose sight of what you really want, and who you are in any sort of business or hobby.

    • Joe Seeber

      Oh buddy, I can relate to this issue 100%.

      You see my blog being a success, but it wasn’t always like that. When I first started I had no idea what I was doing, how to generate traffic, how to build an audience, etc. If I had gotten 30 views to my site I would be ecstatic!

      I’ve never lost sight of what I wanted, still got a long way to go :D. Awesome advice, thanks for leaving a comment!

  • Jessica

    Awesome post. I’ve felt this struggle and lack of follow through. It’s easy to blame it on being in the wrong place or not being “made” for something. But to keep chipping away, even when things go wrong, is a great message. Gotta stick with it!

    • Joe Seeber

      Exactly, feeling the struggle is a normal feeling. If what you were trying to achieve was easy… everyone would be doing it. It just takes time and hard work.. which is normal.

      If you want to learn anything, like a language, it would require lots of practice and hard work. Learning a musical instrument, same.. same exact thing, etc.

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

  • Olivia & Kelly

    This is really really excellent Joe! I totally and completely agree. Everything in life requires dedication and consistency if you want to make it work. There is no “get rich quick scheme”.
    Our inspiration and the inspiring people around us keeps us motivated.
    Thanks for sharing, great writing!


    • Joe Seeber

      Thanks for leaving a comment, glad you enjoyed this post!

      Yep, you nailed it, I’ve couldn’t of said it better myself!

  • Trazy

    Such a fantastic post ! Thank you for sharing. I completely agree that mindset is really everything. There will always be days where you want to quit, but staying positive and finding the determination to push through it is absolutely the key to success. Love Will Smith’s video too, inspiring work ! Looking forward to more ! :D

    • Joe Seeber

      Awesome, thanks for leaving a comment! I find after a while when you just keep pushing through on the days where you don’t feel like doing anything. After a couple months that issue just disappears and you become so motivated that you have to do the task of whatever it is.

  • Andrew Williams

    Slow and steady wins the race. So many people burn out when their enthusiasm wanes, because willpower is a finite resource. Want to do something? Have a plan, have a target, and set up a system:

    • Joe Seeber


      A motto that I got one from my mentors he said, “Joe, you need to move fast and break shit and fix it along the way.”

      Because my issue was.. I was waiting for everything to be setup perfectly before I would start my marketing campaign, etc. And if I did it my way, It would take me a week or so to get everything setup just to see if it worked. But if I set everything up, keep sending traffic to my campaigns, etc I could tweak it etc, along the way.

      That quote works for that situation. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I see many people not publish their blog because they want their website to look absolutely perfect. The truth is, your website will always be a work in progress, it will always evolve and it’s better to have something up then not at all.

      Awesome advice, thanks for sharing your link!

  • Chris

    Love that Will Smith interview. I tried to long to bust my head through the wall instead of using the door.

    Keep up the writing.

  • A.Green

    Great post. Completely agree that success comes from your internal belief in yourself! Once you get your mindset right, you can accomplish anything!

  • Tom W.

    Wow, an article on my biggest and absolute worst character flaw! That picture (quitting just shy of the mother lode) really sends home the importance of tenacity. Also thanks to Krithika Rangarajan for the “2-minute rule” because that helps with the othet end of the problem – getting started! (P.s. make sure to correct to “hurdles”, and “doing what they’re doing”)

  • PainterS

    What’s a hurtle? Is it a hurdle that hurts you? :) Some great advice, Thanks.

  • Bryon

    Awesome post!! Great timing for myself! Sometimes it comes down to that cliche of “mind over matter” to change our viewpoint of the obstacles.

  • the resilient child book

    Gotta say that we usually stall or slow down after getting to the last 5% like you said. Perhaps its this tendency to feel we deserve to rest. I get that too, and I try to fight it off since I know I am not there yet until I am actually there. Sometimes after working so hard and getting real close, we sometimes give ourselves some space to slack thinking we can since we are really close anyway, but then sometimes this converts to just backing off completely and then giving up. I agree with subdividing your big plan/objective into smaller ones and putting a schedule to it. This gives us a list of tasks to check off and gives us a gauge on our progress.

    Thanks for putting out this good content, hope you keep it up and I look forward to reading more of your posts. And thanks for dropping by my blog for this children’s book I am working on. The goal of the book is to relay the concept of resilience to our kids-something which modern society seems to overlook.

  • Mary Long

    Great post! Lack of follow through is my biggest downfall. Now that I can recognize with as a problem, I know when I feel lazy about, say- working out, I need to just do it. It has taught me to recognize other parts of my life where excuses used to take over. Thinking outside the box and changing things up a bit really does help!

  • mrphatbody


  • courtneysimonesart

    This is awesome! I needed this inspiration, thanks! :)

  • Thomas Angeulla

    Hi There,

    Hope you are doing well and really thanks for like my post and i also got many knowledge after reading your post so keep continue with me.

  • Luka Tehovnik

    This post is so motivating Joe! Thanks for following my blog!

  • Laura

    Great advice. Thanks for sharing.

  • Becca

    Great advice I need to follow! Thanks for sharing.

  • Damaris

    I so badly needed to hear this right about now. Thank you!

  • Things That Never Made It Into Print...


  • Janean

    I’m thankful for this post of yours today. I’m here reading it because you followed my blog first so I looked you up. Crazy Universe thing. This is the message I needed to read. I’ve been reading a lot of encouraging words shared at LinkedIn too. I’ve been doing a lot of keeping going and I’m tired, sometimes it feels like aimless wandering or going in circles. I like the Will Smith video. Brick by brick. A tangible analogy to hold on to. I’ve been in Day by Day mode for awhile now. Suits me.

  • Jacqueline F. Holmes

    I wanted to thank you so much for following me. I really enjoyed this article – I am learning and seeing it is being consistant that brings you success and not to quit. I notice as well it seems right when things start affecting what you are doing and it seems you want to stop “don’t” – this is an indicator… you are right there.. so close. Don’t stop…… thank you for this post and I look forward to reading more….Blessings to you

  • Rose Wiltshire

    Nice post Joe. It’s important to give your goals a chance before trying something new. These principles are just as applicable to non monetary goals.

  • M Graham

    Great post. Failing to follow through can also be a problem with leaders. When leaders start projects and fail to follow through, those who actually do the work are left feeling abandoned, unsupported, dis-incentivized, and discouraged.


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